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Feb 21, 2021
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Columbia, MO

In honor of the ongoing WSOP, the steamy “dog days” of summer, and my canine PCF moniker, I present to you…
The WSOD (World Series of Dogs) Dog’s Rule Freeroll Giveaway

I’ve got a mixed box of 12 decks of Paulson Diamond Jacks Casino (Bossier City) playing cards. They are all poker-sized and are new/sealed/unopened.

All have identical back patterns.
Two of each color:
Dark blue

This is a “winner take all” contest determined by a series of poker hands. I cover shipping costs to anywhere in lower 48 US states. Shipping elsewhere? I cover the first $15 and you pay the balance of actual costs. Contact me before registering for your shipping estimate.

Pics first… entry and play details below, if still interested.


Deadline to enter is 11pm CDT, FRIDAY, JUNE 21st SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd. (that’s 12 midnight Eastern, 9 pm Pacific, 6 pm Hawaii)

-Winner takes all contest.
Chops are allowed, but you must work that out amongst yourselves as I’ll only ship one package.

To enter:
-You must be a member of PCF… new members are welcome to enter (no minimum posts).

-Post any "dog" photo, cartoon, meme, etc. in this thread that shows some sort of image of a "dog" (i.e. not just words). Funny, serious, happy, sad, yours or someone else’s… you choose, and creative entries that fit the criteria of a "dog" are welcome—but nothing too crude or rude (no dog humping, etc.). I reserve the right to have your post deleted if so judged and final entry approval is totally subjective on my part.

The play:
-All entries get 1 seat in the MTT. Table assignments are randomly generated but balanced as close as possible for number of players. Max of 8 players per table… 9 is just too crowded!

-All tables play an “All-In, Low-Hand Knockout” format for every deal until we get heads up at the Final Table. Lowest hand is eliminated and surviving players continue to play. Play continues until the final 2 players at each Level 1 table are determined. Theoretically, an 8-handed table would take 6 hands to determine the two Level 1 finalists at each table. Any low-hand ties will have a separate knock out hand played prior to continuing the rest of the table deal.

-I will post videos or pics in this thread of every hand played at every table and give commentary, though not as witty as Lon McEachern, Norman Chad, Ali Nejad, or Brent Hanks.

-Each person advancing to Level 2 will get a new, random, seat assignment and play resumes once all are seated. This format repeats until we get heads up at the Final Table.

-The Final Table (heads up): same format, but it becomes a best-of-7 series.

-This is a multi-day tourney, as follows:
Day 1 = Level 1: play down to 3-5 players per table
Day 2 = play down to two finalists at each table… they advance to Level 2
Days 3, +/- 4 (if needed) = determined by number of entries.

I think that about covers everything I can think of… Registration is now open!


Registered Players:

1- @NotRealNameNoSir
2- @Tonysquander
3- @ktran
4- @Okku
5- @LeLe
6- @Himewad
7- @QuailValley
8- @Phoe9x
9- @EastCoastCali
10- @Timmah
11- @ChipRocker
12- @raynmanas
13- @PokerSenpai
14- @Boother36
15- @brewdawg
16- @WedgeRock
17- @Geremie
18- @farflunggrip
19- @ChipMonster
20- @Sparkynutz
21- @CptainCanuck
22- @btbmason
23- @embiggens
24- @Teach42
25- @wickedwonka121
26- @TX_Golf_N_Poker
27- @SixSpeedFury
28- @FreeBop59
29- @Knoxymoron
30- @merkong
31- @soccerdadof3
32- @Dodger
33- @MrBoosh
34- @Franzister
35- @mugenpowr
36- @yoke386
37- @drdr
39- @libbylord
40- @Josh Kifer
41- @SwissChip
42- @iLogik
43- @chippitydoodah
44- @PortalMan
45- @PogBoom
46- @mike32
47- @moordb
48- @LowerBama1714
50- @twocannons
51- @Barth
52- @tooth_doc
53- @DrBill
54- @potatolei
55- @UncleSalty
56- @inapinch
57- @Juvalien
58- @CHIPnD
59- @cpiaaq
60- @Dugthefish
61- @krafticus
62- @harrysallout
63- @Chanceman
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i swear my dog has a head. but sometimes it sinks into the couch when she sleeps like this for a long time.

This is Birdie when we first brought her home a couple years ago. At the time I’ve never had a birdie playing golf and since then have hit a couple so she’s my good luck.


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