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May 16, 2017
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Please see my ClearOut Lot#1 post:

ClearOut Lot #8

Atlantic City $1s - $2.40/each

Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 9.50.04 PM.png

Atlantic City $1s - Trump Plaza - $1, Resorts International - $7/good(middle), $4/used(right)

Screen Shot 2023-12-09 at 9.50.24 PM.png

  • SHIPPING: NOT included, and all shipments will be made via USPS Priority mail - minimum will be $9. I will combine shipping across all of my ClearOut Lots (sorry, I'm just too lazy to go to the Post Office as well as calculate shipping prices other than using online USPS Priority)
  • CONUS only please
  • Payment via PayPal F&F
  • Please - enter a "Dibs" here, not via DM
  • Larger order dibs ($-wise) will override smaller order dibs - in this lot only
  • If I missed anything or you have any questions, just let me know!
  • Take comfort that 100% of all of my ClearOut Lot sales are going towards a CPC set... :)


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OK - the plan is to CLOSE all of these ClearOut Lot sale threads tomorrow, Wednesday 12/13, at 5:30pm Pacific Time.

I will then go through all of the threads to see who "won" what.
Remember (meaning: plan accordingly), per the Notes on each thread: Larger order dibs ($-wise) will override smaller order dibs - this is a per thread only rule.

In trying to keep all of this transparent, only "Dibs" placed on the threads will count. Any/All Dibs I received through PM, I kindly asked that member to place a Dibs on the thread. I plan to keep track of everything that are in the threads only.
I'm sorry if you placed a Dibs on an item or items and get out-Dibs'd due to a larger order, but I've got to follow the rules I put in place from the get-go.

Also, in the Notes section, Shipping is CONUS and through USPS Priority - where the minimum will be $9 - please be sure to consider this when Dibs'ing. Again, I apologize for not being very flexible with shipping, but I WILL consolidate all sales into one package.

Lastly, with so many ClearOut sales (15!), it'll take me a while to get everything ironed out. I will work on it as best I can, but I should be able to reach out to the "winners" via PM for payment and delivery addresses this Friday or this weekend. I appreciate your patience!

Thanks again!
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