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I've got chip envy and need to order some Panda KGB's. @justincarothers can I squeeze in my order?

Panda KGB 39 mm on web mold, semi gloss

$0.25: 25
$1: 50
$5: 50
$25: 100
$100 : 100
$500: 100
$1,000: 100
$5,000: 50
Bounty: 25
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Excited about getting these. He cash chips look great!! The NCV chip spot, bottom right, did not show up very well tho.
Yeah, the NCV seems a little dull compared to the image in the blanks catalog. And the yellow on the 1K is a little loud compared to the blank it was supposed to be modeled after, but it's not the worst. That's splitting hairs on the yellow.



Overall I think they did a really good job. I probably should have made the Panda gray belly shadow a little lighter, but I think it will look fine in person. Can't wait to use them!
Got mine today! These feel incredible. Little busy tonight will mess with them more tomorrow. People weren't lying about the colors, these things REALLY pop. Love the web mold.

Any questions or picture requests just let me know and I can try and bust out the actual camera and lenses.

Here's some quick iPhone shots for now.


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