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Apr 8, 2014
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Ottawa area, eastern ontario
just wondering about these chips here?


Any ideas?
Depending on condition anything under a $1 is probably a decent price. Your not going to get spotted blanks from CPC for under a $1.
Careful, there's very little depth to work with on hotstamped ASM chips. Putting a label directly on these is almost certainly going to give you stacking/handling problems.
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At the risk of being annoying. These are for sure ASM's and around .80c a chip is a good deal?

Thanks for indulging the redundant questions.

They look to be in pretty decent condition, chip-wise. If you like them, and the set breakdown works for you, then 80c each is probably a decent deal. That's about the price of new CPC chips (solid-color blanks, no spots or hot-stamps).

Personally, I probably wouldn't pay more than 50c each, but that's me.

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