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Wanted China Clays Greek Mold and Championship Poker Series (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2022
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Eagan, Minnesota
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Continuing my chip search for relabel projects.

In particular I am still looking for China Clay 8v Greek mold and am still interested in the China Clay CPS chips.

I have several custom sets to build for my own game and enjoyment as well as for our sons college game and a friend or two.

What do you have hiding in your closets?

Taking PM’s and responses on what people suddenly remember they have tucked so far back into their closets that I should get a finders fee for reminding them that they even still own them.

Please let me know what you have for colors and quantity. It will be helpful in rounding out sets including cash sets (smaller and larger) and tourney sets (from one to three tables).

I don’t know what it is about the CC Greek mold and CPS chip but they have just hit me in the right spot. They are my baby until I can locate a huge lot of workable HHR’s or sell a kidney and place an order with CPC.

A couple things to remember;

*China Clays really aren’t that cool. You’ve moved onto better chips and could use the money.

*China Clays smell like crayons and dirty feet, cat food and ass, balls, and homeless shelters depending on how refined your sniffer is. Don’t fumigate, eliminate.

*As a new chipper, letting me spend time and resources on these out of favor chips keeps me out of the market for the cool stuff thus helping keep prices down. It’s economics folks.

Shoot me a PM with what you have and find. I’m on a spending hiatus for a few weeks due to a metric ton-type acquisition so not only will I be busy bathing and sorting chips I’m trying to give my wife a break from my requests for funds.

Thanks guys and be well.

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