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Feb 2, 2015
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Hi all!

New chipper here. Poker's never been my main hobby, but it's the first game I ever remember playing and I've always been a freak for casino games since I can recall. Just bought my first set about a week ago - a pseudo-cash set of Milanos ($1-$100, but we play for pennies, not dollars). I thought that would be it. You all know better, I'm sure. I caught the disease and bought a cash set of the Stardust Poker Mansion chips today (I'll be trading or reselling some in the relatively near future, so be on the lookout), because man, those things are sah-weet!

I'm sure I'll be taking a second mortgage out and buying a full clay custom set sometime in the next year or two, or something like that.

Thanks for all the info on chips! See y'all around...

Welcome Scott! Always post pictures of your sets; we'll never get enough of them!
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Welcome welcome! Wow Stardust right off the bat. Go big or go home!

Well, it was a perfect storm of lust and opportunity. Of all the casino inlays, labels, and hotstamps, the SPM is my favorite - and it's not remotely close. Combine that with the fact that I don't see a ton of auctions for small lots - let alone good "complete" sets - and I decided I needed to strike while the opportunity was there. I've seen gobs of threads containing the laments of missed opportunities, but rarely have I heard of someone crying because they bought something they knew they wanted.

So yeah, I broke out the credit card without much hesitation. The chips will likely arrive while I'm out of town - that part sucks. The good part, however, is I'll be in Vegas at that time, which means a slight delay in me splashing through some SPM chips will be made up for by a visit to Spinettis!
Welcome, yeah 7 posts in and you're already a semi-baller......well played ;)


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