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Wow! Thanks for the MEGA Pron. Great shots of the crosshatching on these as well. I'd love to read a review of how these chips handle and feel compared to Paulson chips because these are the first China clays with crosshatching. Any review should include a follow up after moderate use to determine if the feel has changed (which has been my experience with other China clays).
Yeah I think I'll just keep my CPS pron to myself because it certainly wasn't half as good as these photos. Great shots!
Great picture results. K9dr, maybe you could post some tips for better pr0n results in a new thread?
Fantastic pictures Mark. If that vet thing don't work out your sure have a chance doing chip pr0n. ;)
Maybe you can bust the market open with pr0n videos lol.
Here's my contribution.

Cash Set









Tourney Set









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Amazing photos! Now it's time for the review!

I do believe these are the biggest thing to hit the market since the Pharoah China clays.
For some reason I can't visit the blue wall today, keeps not resolving. However I am getting email updates and saw someone mention they got their shipping notification today, so guess that means PGI received the final shipment in like they expected.

I've been furiously clicking REFRESH on my email but still no notification yet. :(
I have been over at CT, haven't seen any comments from PGI about chips received. I did see somebody received a shipping notice from Apache. I am still waiting.
I have been over at CT, haven't seen any comments from PGI about chips received. I did see somebody received a shipping notice from Apache. I am still waiting.

Oh, maybe it was a comment about a shipping notice from Apache, my bad!
Joe commented this afternoon on a thread from a month ago to clear up PGI's ceramic offerings, but hasn't said anything yet about the CPS chip shipment on either board. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was trolling everybody. :cool:
Yeah, that was Apache. I can't wait for the PGI shipping notice on my chippes! :)
Amazing photos! Now it's time for the review!

The chips feel nice and handle well individually, however, the cross hatching makes them difficult to shuffle. They stack well and each chip stack of the various colors and denoms appear to be the same height. In the chipco racks they fit like a glove - no wiggle room at all. The 25K and 500K are very difficult to get in the rack but will fit with a little pressure. Hopefully this becomes easier with handling and wear.
12 Chipco racks and four dealer buttons are in route. I expect they will arrive tomorrow morning.
My 100 racks arrived today, but if there are two dealer buttons in the box, I won't find them for a while. 8;)
Received racks and dealer buttons today. About time I got something from those fuckers.... thank you, Joe.

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