Wanted CDI05 Rack(s) of $1 and $5 or larger set (1 Viewer)

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Sep 7, 2023
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Palatine, IL
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Looking to expand on my CDI05 set I bought back in the day when these were sold and now looking to buy 2 racks of $1 and 1 rack of $5 to expand on the set.

Or if someone has a larger set that they want to move the whole thing I'm open to discussing option.

How often to CDI05 come up these days? When I search I saw a bunch back a few years but haven’t seen many racks or larger sets with low denominations lately.
Friday Bump, still looking. Willing to pay a slight premium if this gets done quick and in one transaction. thanks and good luck to everyone this weekend.
Sold off all of my spares years ago... been hunting $5s for a couple years (would love to get to 6 racks)... they are definitely out there as this was supposedly the "most produced fantasy line" that Paulson ever released. They don't get a lot of love on the forum... but those that own them don't like letting go of them either! Lol

Good luck with the hunt @geimerman ! I love my 05s!

Asking $500 a rack? I’m guessing these usually sell for $350 a rack?

Thanks, those are actually a different Paulson set. Appreciate the link. If definitely buy in the 350-400 a rack range and consider more based on condition if it was the right set.
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