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Mar 3, 2022
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For sale $30 25, free USPS shipping CONUS

80's Casinos Nacionales Argentinos, Casino Used, Sample Set (6 chips). Less than $5.00 per chip.
Includes 1 very rare and hard to find orange 12-sided chip.

Casinos Nacionales Argentinos was a public group of casinos which opened under the control and responsibility of the Central Government. Some of the most remembered casinos were opened in cities like Mar de Ajó, Necochea, Monte Hermoso, Miramar, Pinamar, Sierra de la Ventana, Tandil and Mar del Plata. Chips issued by CNA kept the same design among all the casinos under its control and were widely used during the 80's, before the re-appearance of Peso as national currency by the beginning of the 90's. Additionally, due to the continuous economic changes caused by inflation and hyperinflation that hit the country during that decade, CNA decided, instead of printing exact values, as you can see in some of the plaque listings, to print alphanumeric designations, like "A3" - "B4" and so on, for which the value would change according to the current economic reality of the country. Chip/jeton/plaque value information was disclosed by the casino once visitors arrived to gamble at the casino.

I have a few sets so if you want more let me know and get a 10% discount.


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Posting here to add feedback - I bought a sample set of these from the OP and love it! These chips are very different from any that we're used to seeing. They're not at all like clays, nor ceramics, nor mass-market plastics. They're more like euro-style jetons, but are still rather different even from those! They're similar in construction to the very old style of plaques you can sometimes find, earlier even than the current B&G style - where a thin piece of paper printed with embossing and gilt edges (similar to a bank note) is encased in plastic.

Recommended for any collectors interested in unusual gambling artifacts.
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