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Mar 21, 2019
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I have a shuffle stack (10) of these Casino Miami $1s. I found these today, forgot I even had them, and have absolutely no use for these. They are absolutely leaded, heavy, THC goodness. I actually had 11 and will keep one for my singles collection.

They are in used condition, but all take an edge easily.


I could not find a price history on these. I don't think they are in circulation anymore. I could be wrong.

$20USD + Shipping
**(price of shipping will be greatly affected if tracking is required, otherwise, for non-tracked, add $4USD for USA, and $3USD for Canada)**

If my price is whack, please PM me a more reasonable offer. I really don't know what they should be priced at.

PayPal FF in USD please
The buyer @Eloe2000 asked a very pertinent question with respect to shipping to USA.

I'm able to ship to USA, however, I have a few packages outstanding and at least 1 is lost for sure as the intended recipient NEVER received it since Mar.8.

I'm cancelling this sale for now. @Eloe2000 ,I've PMd you about adding tracking. No problem to back out. Just let me know via PM what you'd like. No sweat at all. I can even hold them for ya til things clear up.

Sorry folks, COVID-19 era is not as good as it has been previously. Not blaming USPS, but they aren't handling envelopes and non-tracked packages very well. The trust factor has been lost on my end.
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