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Don Clay

Full House
Apr 24, 2013
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Hi all,

Some members have large and great sets of these (Ski, for sure), but I feel like sharing a few night shots.

Hope some of you enjoy :)

I would turn those $2.50 chips into 25 cent chips.


  • aztar 25 cents.jpg
    aztar 25 cents.jpg
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I'm glad you like it. If anybody would like to use it, I can send them the artwork. Not sure the pink is perfect, I didn't play around with the color too much.
sure, the pink fits well.
I don't intend to relabel, due to the used condition of the chips.
But, well, another set I'm working on might need some soon.
Bonne idée le label 25c! par contre je préfère les autres $1 aztar "spots orange"
They're used, but still in good shape, and they clean up very nicely ! I love the mix of these 3 colors :)
nope, the $2 chip of oak tree casino is pink too.
Or yes, if you don't own any $2's.
Got a rack of $1 oak tree if you need some.

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