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SOLD Cards Mold Palms Tourney (1550 Chips) (1 Viewer)

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Dec 11, 2017
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For sale is a set of Cards Mold (Tina) chips. They are unused.

The set was designed to support up to three tables at 12/12/5/11 (300BB); plus rebuys. It can stretch up to 40 players plus rebuys at an 8/8/2/8 config (200BB).

T5 x 50
T25 x 325
T100 x 325
T500 x 150
T1000 x 425
T5000 x 150
T10000 x 75
T25000 x 50


Price is $400 shipped to U.S. locales. This is roughly 12¢ a chip cheaper than if you bought them now in a GB from Justin.

If you need shipping outside the U.S., the cost will be more.

Payment must be via PP with the buyer paying fees (if any). Buyer pays shipping insurance costs (if any).

Shipping will be via USPS Priority. I might need to use two boxes given I'm uncertain whether all this will fit in a large flat rate box. Will update that here once I've made that determination, but it won't affect U.S. shipping costs in any way.

Racks are not included.

I am not splitting.

I'm limiting this sale to accounts with at least 50 posts with an account create date that occurred before this sale was posted.
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I use this same set for my weekly tournament!! One of the best!! GLWS!!

Somebody better act quick...these are a great deal!
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