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Sep 8, 2022
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For sale 125 absolute fiery orange Royal $5K 43mm’s and 25 sweet pink Royal $100K’s. 100 of the $5K’s and 25 of the 100K’s have been oiled

Extras from cash set build.
Includes two Justin racks. The best racks I’ve owned.

$75 shipped
Venmo preferred.

PM if interested in this incredibly confusing and wildly unsuspected turn of events and able to attest to never making an error in recalling a retail price or a math error, overbetting a pot with the nuts, taking seconds and not cleaning your plate, honking at someone sitting for a second at a green light, fake pushing the “door open” button in an elevator when your boss is hurrying to get in, or forgetting to make the coffee in the morning for your wife. Also, please provide a 1000 word account of why these chips are priced satisfactorily and how you’ll only use them for good (flat calling on the river with the best hand) and not for bluffing. Thanks for understanding my overt concern.

Note: Failure to comply or if it is determined that you’ve dragged a seller in the past, in your dreams, or even considered it is established before chips are shipped seller will ship individually at sellers expense.
Fact Check: Last statement is not true

Excellent chip packer and shipper. Leave MSP International Airport within 24 hours of payment. Packing them tonight. Direct to the airport saves a day of transit.
Fact Check: This is true

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Not sure what justin racks or oil cost these days but I can get 125 orange Royals for $89 shipped to my door
Yeah, I carried the one. Or didn’t… If you can get that deal you’re going to collapse the entire PCF economy. Just saying.
I'm just pointing out the fact that you've marked up a vendor's chips that are in stock. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings but GLWS
I won’t disagree. Not my style either but what do I know.

I mistakenly priced them and fixed it but… I could list them $1.00 a chip. They’re mine lol

If nobody needs an add on to their set they can stay..
I won’t disagree. Not my style either but what do I know.

I mistakenly priced them and fixed it but… I could list them $1.00 a chip. They’re mine lol

If nobody needs an add on to their set they can stay..
You gotta make up your "less than cost" BTP & Bellagio sales somehow
Besides reading several entertaining PM’s I found time to oil a rack of Royals and two racks of HHR’s. Just an evening in the life of a chipper.

Someone should buy these or the blaze orange will wind up back in my cash set and after I decided these freshly oiled $25K’s would work fine.
For the moment, I’m going to cancel this sale. I want to apologize to the community for miscalculating my price, while accepting your appreciation, for providing such entertainment on a dull Monday night.

I’ll say this.

I love PCF. I revere and admire each and every one of us; those who love poker and poker chips. I’ve sent several thousands of dollars to people I do not know and waited patiently for my much anticipated packages.

I’ve hosted for nearly 25 years but only became chip obsessed since joining the community last Fall. After taking a short break from playing, I brought my game back and have hosted 61 sessions since last October with a fill rate at my tables of nearly 90%. People rely on me and here’s why that’s not misplaced trust.

I value my standing in this community which is why I don’t openly drag, question, or otherwise start drama in the forums. Maybe I haven’t been around long enough, am not jaded enough, or just have better things to do. I value whatever standing I have here.

My life is family, work (public health nurse serving veterans) and poker. People have sold to me, bought from me, and find my hysterics entertaining. So, if you’re looking to needle someone or otherwise make trouble with, you’re just going to have to look elsewhere. Life is too fun.

Love the community. With very limited exception, an overall great place to spend way too much time.

If someone is interested in the Royals PM me. The $5K’s might make it back into my relabel cash set. When the $25K’s are finished curing after their oil bath I’ll put the chips out and make a final decision.

$1.10 a chip lol

Be well people.

Staying in his own lane as always,
Owner & Operator of The Godfather Club and The Frogtown Card Club - the biggest little games in MN
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