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Oct 31, 2014
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Looking for Wyndham Old San Juan $500 chips (Bud Jones v7) -- light purple with white and green edge spots.

OSJ 500.jpg

I now have 59 and would like to complete a rack. I am interested in purchasing any quantity, from one chip right on up. Please PM me with your asking price. I am willing to pay quite a bit for these!

Also seeking:
Bud Jones Wyndham Old San Juan $25 green base w/purple edge spots - I have 72 and need 28 to complete the rack.
Trade: I have 6 of the $25 green base w/orange edge spots that I would trade 1:1 for purple edge spots!

OSJ 25.jpg
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Updated totals. One more $500 chip would make 3 complete barrels... help me out :)
I suggest you post a picture of the three barrels short a chip, to trigger everyone else's OCD and sympathy.
Good idea. I'll do that this evening!

BTW, I don't have OCD, I have CDO. The symptoms are the same but the letters are in the right order.
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