Bud Jones $1 chip Cascade Lanes or Big Apple (1 Viewer)


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Nov 4, 2014
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Putting together a little bud jones mixed cash set and wondering which $1 chip looks better.


ETA if you have pics I would love to see them
red/white vs blue/white

depends on the rest of the set.

The borgata is a very nice chip with the shiny circle, wasnt there another closed casino with the shiny circle?

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Mirage Springs was the one I was thinking of
Hmm never really thought of using of using a live chip for the one.....now you have me thinking.

The only thing I have right now is the yellow frac, I have had it for a couple of years and it is time to start getting it into a set to see some play. I was thinking of doing this on the cheap, but every time I think of doing anything cheap in this hobby I am quickly reminded how ludicrous that is. I would be interested in other live $1 options if anyone has any other suggestions. The Borgata and Mirage springs are good looking chips, just interested to see if there are any others out there. I know Tuscany in LV has some but they seem a little ho hum. I think I seen some Mirage Springs for sale about a year ago and am thinking they were over $1 a chip but it could have been a different denom too. The Borgata looks pretty good from the chipguide pic, if I go with those I would just need to find someone to harvest them.....

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