Wanted Bright & Unique RH&C chips... (1 Viewer)

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Still looking...
Who has extra racks out there to sell/trade?
Please let me know !!!
Still out here looking!
Let me know if you have something I might be interested in...
Only colors I am not looking for are black and white !!!
HA! It would depend... but I don't think red of any kind will work for me.

Ysabel $2s, S&K $5s, etc.
Where are my bright chips at?

Not that I’m trying to convince you to like them but believe me when I say, radiant red doesn’t exactly scream red. I dunno what they put into them to make them radioactive looking, but whatever they did, they did it right. See for yourself,

I don’t even think the camera can capture the true radiance and color of these. It’s nuts.

I am not opposed to a radiant red chip in the lineup... but I haven’t seen one that grabs me yet! Not looking for solids, just RHC
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