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Jun 3, 2020
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Starting this thread for various chip boxes and other poker related woodworking items that I make that are either extras or non commissioned items.

I’ll start it off with a white oak box with an inlaid piece of figured walnut on the lid. Racks are solid white oak, but are from mixed batches so there is a bit more variation than typical.

IMG_0918.jpeg IMG_0923.jpeg
IMG_0919.jpeg IMG_0921.jpeg IMG_0922.jpeg

$600 plus shipping. Can still add some engraving for an additional cost if desired.

Box is sold. But racks are still available 5 solid white oak racks for $100.

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@Rieguy Would you have a set that's this size?

Alec, if someone in Houston wants this, would you be able to bring it with you on your trip tomorrow?
This box is sold now, though the racks are still available. $100 for the set of 5 solid white oak 100ct racks in 67.7mm barrel length. I'm starting to build up a collection of random 1- or 2- off racks in various woods if anyone is interested in some nice wooden racks. I'll gather what I have available and take a few pics.

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