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there was a 600 piece el rancho vegas set on eBay a while back. breakdown was not great for my purposes (i believe it was 200/200/150/50 breakdown, $1-$100), but it was pretty gorgeous.
The closest thing I have is a playable set of fairly old Nevada mold blanks made by ASM. I have 300 white (with greenish flecks), 300 red, 50 green and 25 black I think. Plus 100 each of yellow and pink stamped with a starburst. They are nice, but not Borland nice.
You mean like these?

There are more pix in my album on CT, as well as the thread when I acquired these. Sorry I can't post more, but we're in St. Martin at the moment, and the Internet down here is like the old 1200 baud modem days -- when you can get a DNS resolution at all.

-- Larry

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