Not Mine Blue $5 CDI (1 Viewer)

Interesting. Relabels?

For other lazy people that don't like clicking links, here's a screenshot
Screenshot_20230214-184417_Samsung Internet.jpg
Seller would’ve been much better off, selling them by the singles but now that we know there’s a whole rack…
It's hard to see from the pretty horrible picture if they are original or not imo. Relabeling (at least somewhat professionally looking) was very rare back in the day I belive, but at the same time, I've not heard of custom denoms on CDI chips before so both options are pretty wierd.
That is almost certainly not a label, and the reason I say that is because the green is off-center with respect to the red (i.e. not in register.) Nobody that I'm aware of is printing labels on an offset press (and it would be ridiculously cost-prohibitive to do so, in small batches) so unless the label was designed to be off-center, that wasn't printed on any kind of short-run printer.


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