Traded Binion's Horseshoe NCV WSOP (THC) set (1 Viewer)

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Sep 17, 2020
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It's Friday and I'm feeling lazy but if there's someone with a genuine interest and something of value to swap, I'm happy to provide pictures but you can find most of the set here. If you're not interested enough to use the link then you probably don't qualify as genuinely interested, so move along. Interested in seeing what's out there that either 1. piques my interest, 2. allows me to add on to my existing priority or 3. both, supplement with $$. Here's my breakdown:

  • 200 Binion's Horseshoe hot stamp quarters (original, leaded and all excellent stamps)
  • 400 T1 (leaded off white, milled or murdered and replaced with @Gear labels)
  • 200 T5 (original - I have a 3rd rack tied up elsewhere but available for the right trade)
  • 80 T25 (original)
  • 20 T100 (original)
  • 1 T1k (original, drilled)
  • 1 set of Binion's Horseshoe dice with wrapping
  • 1 Binion's Horseshoe KEM setup

Things I would be interested in to varying degrees:
  • Foxwoods $5 (THC)
  • King's Casino Antigua $2.50
  • Ojibwa 5k
  • PCA secondary $5, $100, $500
Wish I had the coin to make you an offer you couldn't refuse. Those original tournament chips are a personal GOAT of mine, and the quarters and relabeled ones make it an awesome playable set. GLWT.
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