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Aug 7, 2019
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Hi, my wife and I are looking into rewards credit cards and really don't know where to begin. Right now she has a simple no rewards card just for building up her credit. I have a bank of America travel rewards card. As far as what we spend most of our money on it would be groceries and restaurants. We travel about 8-10 times a year, but we really haven't flown much at all (due to the cost vs convenience factor but ideally would like to fly everywhere vs drive obviously) I was wondering what you guys prefer for credit cards. I don't mind paying high annual fees as long as I know I'll come out ahead each year. My credit score is around 750-800. Hers is not nearly as good due to mistakes in college so I realize her options may be limited, but the bulk of our spending come off my card anyways
I like amex blue cash preferred. 95 annual fee but 6% on groceries (up to $6k spend), 3% on gas (instead of 3% and 2% on no fee card) and 1% everything.

Cap one quicksilver also good for just straight 1.5% back. or citi double cash for 2% effective.

not sure who has best sign up bonuses ATM
Paging @Payback ...

First question is, what are you looking to get out of your cards? Flights? Hotels? Cash back? If you have a more focused goal, you can choose your credit cards more efficiently. As @skylines stated, the Blue Cash Preferred from Amex is probably a good choice if you value cash back over rewards points. It's one of the few cards (at least as far as I can tell) that crosses over nicely between gas and groceries.
I should also add that the American Express Gold Card is also a great choice for the categories you're looking at. I carry it myself. It offers 4x points on supermarkets and 4x on restaurants. It's a more premium card with a higher annual fee ($250), but there's a lucrative signup bonus (right now on Amex website I'm seeing 50,000 bonus points after spending at least $4,000 in the first 3 months).

Keep in mind that with this card, you're earning American Express Membership Reward Points, which are definitely valuable, but can only be used for certain things. Amex points are typically best used when transferring them to a partner airline, most notably Delta, Air Canada, and a number of international carriers like Emirates and British Airways. I've personally had a lot of success booking Air Canada flights (including business class seats) for a very reasonable amount of Amex points.

They're also partnered with Hilton and Marriott on the hotel end, but the industry standard line of thinking seems to be that you lose value when using your Amex points that way.
Looking back at my budget or the last several months the majority of our expenses are spent on groceries/eating out. With that being said, we take several trips a year (probably 5-10k spent on travel each year, but we don't fly much unless we go out of country. Used my BoA rewards to pay for 2 flights to st.lucia for our honeymoon last summer.
I like amex blue cash preferred. 95 annual fee but 6% on groceries (up to $6k spend), 3% on gas (instead of 3% and 2% on no fee card) and 1% everything.

Yep. 6% on groceries made me get this card as soon as it was available.
Cards I've looked into so far are Amex blue cash preferred, amex gold card, and chase sapphire reserve. Trying to decide if it makes sense to get multiple ones. I've always been a one credit card guy, pay the balance in full each month all that good stuff.
Bhk I'll respond to your PM later this week. It's been a crazy day at work to say the least.

There has been a ton of these posts lately. Glad to see people wanting to learn more about using their credit to gain some extra benefits. It's a bit of a game, but the rewards are so worth it!
My parents knew a guy who paid off his house without interest using credit cards. Not sure that’s possible anymore but intrigued me since I’m gonna build in the next year or so.

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