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May 8, 2015
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I am looking to buy clay chips (casino grade) for my home game, but it is really hard to find good quality ones. Where can I buy them and what set do you recommend? I would go with paulson classics but it doesn't look like they make them anymore. I also looked into sidepot protege line but those are out of stock as well. Any suggestions would be great!
If you are dead set on Paulson chips, the only way to get them now are on eBay/CL or the classifieds section here.

The only currently available home chip lines are the Mardi gras casino, samurai palace, and T mold blanks from Holdem Poker chips.

There is also the option of getting custom chips from Classic Poker Chips, who are a forum sponsor here. They can range in price anywhere from around 85 cents each to $2 or more each, depending on your design choices.
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You have two realistic options...

- If you want custom clays, Classic Poker Chips is the only gig left.
- If you want Paulsons, buy a used home/fantasy or casino set (or piece one together via multiple purchases) via the classifieds here or on eBay/other chip resellers.

That's pretty much it.

EDIT - Forgot about the Mardi Gras v2 line. Those are available in all denoms currently, albeit in somewhat limited quantities so if you are interested in those, sooner is better than later. $1.29/chip.
Are the custom chips from classic similiar in quality to paulsons? I don't mind paying a premium for quality it's just hard to wade through all the fake cheap sets.
Are the custom chips from classic similiar in quality to paulsons? I don't mind paying a premium for quality it's just hard to wade through all the fake cheap sets.

Similar quality yes - equal quality? Eh, it's very subjective. Most on this board would probably say no, a few would say that they are as good (or better.) Get samples and decide for yourself. Just keep in mind that the various different molds they offer all feel significantly different, and you would want to try samples of each.
They are absolutely similar in quality, although which are best is very subjective. They feel quite different depending on which mold you choose with most believing that the diamond square mold is closest.

Take a look at some of the custom sets created by the members here. There are some stunning chips being made by CPC
Samples, Samples Samples..... I started out with crappy chips just like everyone else, then I bought a little bit better chip, then better....and so on.
Buy some sample china clay, Paulson casino, Paulson highly used closed casino, and some on might have some CPC's or ASM they can send your way.

I wished I started with the Paulson used closed casino chips, I feel I kinda, and I mean kinda, wasted $ on china clay (I really did like my CC Pharaohs I had though).

And welcome to Poker Chip Forum
I have little to add, except to assure you that the advice you've been given above is first-rate. My thoughts echo RichMahogany's.

Oh, I would add this, regarding expense - of both time and money... if you go with a custom set from CPC, be prepared to potentially spend more of each, for two reasons:

1. You'll be able to choose complex spot patterns that come at a higher cost, and having the freedom to choose colors and patterns means time spent.
2. You'll need to provide some sort of art or theme for the inlays, which usually entails hiring a graphic artist - there are several excellent ones here on the fora.
3. Customs from CPC, like anything hand-made on specialized and rare equipment, can take months to be produced, depending on which molds are currently in rotation for production runs.

Hmmm, last thought (I was wrong, I'm a windbag and always have something to add)...

You might also consider getting samples of the Key West chips. The Key West line of chips, which you can get from the fantasy Key West Resort/Casino, are produced by CPC (or, if old stock, were produced by ASM on equipment subsequently sold to CPC). They are made with a simple spot design to keep the cost per chip down, but they are pre-stocked and you can buy samples or playable sets on demand. The nice thing is that you can also plan on buying more from them in the future to expand your set, and they offer like-themed accessories.

Good luck!
In before somebody says GSTBTRK*. :) But your most economical choice for mint high-end chips is probably Key West (ASM/CPC), followed by either Mardi Gras (BCC) or closed-casino chips (typically Paulson/GPI). Mint TRK chips are very pricey, as are custom CPC chips. Either way, if you fall into the rabbit hole, say goodbye to your wallet.... you are doomed.

*GSTBxxx = Get Samples Then Buy..... usually followed by CC (china clays, a very economical mid-range chip that emulates used Paulson casino chips.
If someone says casino quality I never steer them to China Clays. Sorry to all that love them but I've bought three sets and sold every one without ever playing them.

This user seems to want to pay for quality so any of the other more costly alternatives would see them very happy indeed. Out of all of them the most economical would be the T Mold blanks which are outstanding chips if you don't need inlays or denominations.
I believe there is a great set of Grand Vics on eBay right now. If you're looking for top quality get those, and forget about the Paulson Classics (which are kinda meh in my opinion) or the Proteges (which are overpriced if you can find them, and BCC just ain't Paulson).
As others here have mentioned, the best thing you can do is to get samples of different chips and find out what you like or dislike about each chip. I'm a huge fan of BCC chips, but other can't stand them. It's all based on what you like. The ASM/CPC Key Wests are very nice as are the BCC Mardi Gras chips. The bottom line is to get samples no matter what.
ahhh just dive right in and build a nice custom set... half the fun is building it in the chip design tool and working on the artwork. and that special day when you get them in the mail.. oh thats oh so sweet.

but no, get samples of a few things, a few CPC chips of different molds, some used casino paulsons, maybe some mint ones and then also get some china clays because you may think they are just great and they are only a 1/4 the price at least.
wait for the Chiproom to bust out a new set to sell, might be awhile, but worth the wait for the price and quality of a closed casino
I am looking to buy clay chips (casino grade) for my home game, but it is really hard to find good quality ones. Where can I buy them and what set do you recommend?

The best available turn-key clay chip sets (high-end casino-grade):

Mardi Gras Casino, fantasy casino chips manufactured on the T-mold by BCC (Blue Chip Company, no longer in business). 12 available denominations (25c through $1000 plus higher-denomination ceramic chips/plaques). Chip pricing is $1.29 each.

Samurai Palace Hotel & Casino, fantasy casino chips manufactured on the T-mold by BCC (Blue Chip Company, no longer in business). 9 available denominations (25c through $5000 plus a NCV chip). Pricing is $1.39 each.

The Riverboat
, fantasy casino chips manufactured on the web mold by BCC (Blue Chip Company, no longer in business). Only available in fixed-breakdown tournament sets containing 5 denominations ($25 through $5000). Pricing is $750 for a 500-chip set ($1.50 each).

Key West Resort & Casino, fantasy casino chips manufactured on the H-mold by CPC (Classic Poker Chips, formerly ASM). 12 available denominations (5c through $25000 plus a NCV chip). Pricing is around $1.50 each, with discounts on larger set purchases.

Paulson fantasy/home market sets (Classics, Casino de Isthmus, National Poker Series, World Top Hat & Cane, etc.) are no longer produced by GPI, and sources for most denominations and complete sets have dried up completely. Le Paulson Noirs (Paulson) and Protege (BCC) chips were both produced exclusively for distribution, and have long been sold out.

No matter what option you choose, get samples first. Well worth the extra time and investment to ensure you actually like the chips you purchase.
I have a box of mixed chips that will show the difference between many of the chips mentioned here. It has 11 real casino chips. 9 paulson casino sample chips. A paulson casino de isthmus fantasy sample set. A BCC casino de isthmus fantasy sample set. A paulson world top hat and came fantasy sample set. 6 Paulson national poker series fantasy poker chips from my personal set of NPS chips. 1 Protege $1000 chip from my personal set of protege chips. A China clay pharaoh's fantasy sample set. A couple CPC sample chips and 3 ceramic sample chips. I also have a complete CPC color sample set along with their mold samples.

If they would help you decide we may be able to work something out as long as I get them back. I may require a deposit.
Very subjective w lots of variables. I have 3 custom CPC/ASM sets as well as minty Paulson and BCC and have had just about everything in between i.e. used casino Paulson and China clays.

Hands down mint paulsons top my list. Because of their formulary they just feel more chalky...which is what I like.

Minty BCC are second followed by ASM. I love my ASM sets but they feel the least chalky. I hear the DIASQR mold feels the most like Paulson but I find that somewhat hard to imagine given the difference in materials/formulary.

Maybe a set of CPC with no brass flakes in the base color would feel very close to a Paulson but then it would be a much lighter chip.

The highest quality chip I believe is hands down CPC followed closely by Paulson and BCC a distant 3rd.

I have no experience with a minty TRK set but hear there ain't no return should you step across that line.

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