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Nov 6, 2014
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Staten Island, ny
Anyone know if these are still being produced anywhere?

I thought I had seen them on a website. Maybe I know it closed once the owner died. It was one of my first sets and I wanted to build one back up. Thanks
I had 1000 of these back in the day and then I got caught up in the whole chip craze and they were sold to fund another project and so on but I always liked the way they looked and felt. If you ever have any you are looking for unload let me know. I’m looking to get a tournament set for 16 players (160-$100, 100-$500, 100-$1000 and 40-$5000). I’ve found bits and pieces around but most people want to unload a huge amount and the denominations are all in the upper tier-lots of $10,000-$100,000 chips.
When I got this set, I had envisioned a high denomination tournament set, and regret not getting $100 chips. I remember trying to dig them upon Chiptalk but was never successful......and I wound up getting a bunch of 10k chips because I was an idiot.
Hi @Chipnut I see you still have a wanted ad for these chips. Were these chips made by @SUN-FLY Poker Chips ? Since they were on the Apollon website for the home market which Sunfly closed until they can get a hold on Int'l shipping maybe you can reach out to Sunfly on here to see if they can make these chips for you. I believe SAL at Old West Poker Supply used to sell these also. If nobody on here owns the design and they are indeed were on the Apollon site before maybe they can run a set for you or run another Group Buy for these.

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