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Mar 25, 2013
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as the title indicates I'm looking for values on mint BCC Vineyard $1's, $5's, and basically all denominations.

Thanks for your help.
Anyone? Does not have to be held up by scientific data, opinions are welcome also :)
I haven't seen any BCC Vineyards on sale for awhile. I would guess depending on denom, but i would think roughly 1/4-1/3 of Paulsons value? Maybe less? They are really light weight, so many people don't like them, however the higher denoms may be a good value for those that don't want to spend $4-$10 a chip.
Over the last five years, I've paid anywhere from $1.50 a chip (qty. 500) to $2.50 a chip (qty. 100), regardless of denomination. I have about 2,000 of them now.

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