SOLD BCC Samurai Palace Tourney set - mint - 1100 pc (1 Viewer)

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Oct 29, 2014
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Tourney set is SOLD. Congrats to redbelly! I'm very happy they're going to a good home where they'll be used and appreciated.

Sorry, after I changed thread prefix to SOLD, I can no longer post comments. Regarding the suggestion to add 15 more $25 chips, if you notice the rack of $25's to the left with the cash set, the base color is darker than the others, that's one reason I split things this way. When BCC got it right, the chips were sweet, but LOL most of their quality control.


I'd love to keep these but rarely host tourneys. Mint BCC T-molds in epic colors and inlay, edges have been oiled. One of the best clay sets made and no longer available. Will not break up this set.

Will also be selling the cash set pictured to the left but am still trying to work out which $1 chips will be with it.

Tourney set has two options depending on number of NCV chips desired. Prices are firm:
1104 chips. $1300 + $40 shipping/insurance CONUS only.
1004 chips (85 x NCV). $1200 + $40 shipping/insurance CONUS only.

Canadian buyers pay actual shipping/insurance from 40213 as do other international (but that is probably prohibitive).

Paypal friends/family to chris.weaver {@}

265 x T25
280 x T100
204 x T500
105 x T1000 (65 light tan, 40 medium tan)
65 x T5000
185 x NCV








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Nice chips. These are getting more and more difficult to find in quantities. Good luck with the sale!
Wow! This is an Iconic set. I'm sure it's hard to part with. Best of luck with the sale Chris, somebody is about to get lucky when they buy this set from you.
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Thanks, all. Appreciate the kind words! I'd prefer to keep a rack of ncv unless buyer really wants 'em. Still plenty of chips for 20+ player T20k or T25k tourney with mounds of chips 12-12-7-5-2 and plenty left for color up. Or do 8-8-6-6 and host a biggie lol.
Good luck with the sale Chris! I simply adore the Samurais... They are, imho, among the pretties chips ever produced... That's how much I like them... I really wish I could make room for more of those... :(

Very, very soon those will be almost impossible to find...
Man, the fact that I already have a T-mold tourney set (of very similar size and breakdown lol) is the only thing stopping me from jumping on these. Great set for somebody!
I have always liked/wanted a set of these. Unfortunately, I never play tournaments at home.
The more I look at these the more I want them.. let me hit up homepokerchips and compare costs.... these are magnificent.... I forgot these could be a tourney set.... only used them for cash games.... right on
beautiful chips!

HPC does have the samurai's still. you have to click on the $5 chip to see all the other denominations. i ordered some more 5's and some quarters a few weeks ago.
Hmm, good to know. That's not what Mile told me, sorry.
Do you do layaway? :rolleyes: If this was another 4 months down the road I would snap buy.:cool: Great sale!
This is a set I have always wanted to own, but never pulled the trigger. Im in the same boat with too many tourney sets though. Good luck with the sale.
There's no harm in repeating what everyone else is saying. I've always thought these were a great design on a great chip.
But I could never pull the trigger for $1.39 / chip.
I'm tempted to offer to split this set with someone. Add 15 more $25s and there is a nice 400 chip 1 table set and a playable 2 table set. I'm not signing up for the 400 chip part but if someone twisted my arm....
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