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Aug 12, 2013
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For a temporary time, you can purchase all 850 chips for $600. Shipping included to the US or Canada. I don’t know how long I will leave this price up.

New pricing snd breakdown options available!

Ok, put some stuff away, and pulled out one more thing.
850 chip set of BCC Monterey Club commemorative chips.

This set contains:
200 x 25¢
100 x 50¢
220 x $1
100 x $2
100 x $3
100 x $5
30 x $20

You want to drive everyone crazy with bet sizing, this is the set for you!
I used it once. With @Gear and @Wifey and @Mesnik44 and a few guys I play hockey with. I think that was around 10 years ago.

Price for the set is $850 NOW $750, tracked shipping included in Canada or the US. (Will ship from Canada)

Or if you would like a set without the 50¢, $2 and $3 chips,
200 x 25¢
220 x $1
100 x $5
30 x $20
$500 shipped to the US or Canada.

Or with just 1 rack of 25¢ (Or the rack of 50¢ instead of the 25¢) , $400 shipped to US or Canada

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Full disclosure, I think I might have used a few hundred of them one other time, as a side cash game after a tourney. Possibly a rack of quarters and 1s, and some of the 5s

Also, 2 or 3 of the black $20 chips have a slight chalky discolouration on the outside rolling edge for maybe a 1/3 of the barrel. Hard to show.

I just tried oiling the bottom chip and it somewhat went away. The 2 chips above it are the other ones that show this chalkiness.
Anyone got 2 racks of these $5s available, so I can seriously start gathering funds?
Ok, I’ve lowered the pricing on these, and also made different options available for the breakdowns if you didn’t want the odd denoms.
Ok, I will temporarily offer the entire set of 850 chips for $600 shipped within Canada or the US.

I may take this price down at any time. This puts these chips at 70¢ each shipped to you!
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