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Aug 18, 2013
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Las Vegas
$1 X 400 [White, current issue. Acquired mint.]

$1 X 200 [Blue, 1986 issue. Acquired mint.]

Very nice, I like the new issue Bally's. I've got one of those in my $1 chip collection.
Label the blue $1s as quarters?

I hadn't thought of that since these chips are so awesome as is. Super heavy (11.3 g) classy textured inlay & Bally's $1 house mold.

It's actually the house mold that would stop me from labeling these. Having a different denom on the label & mold would bother me!

Bally's Blue $1.jpg
Ah. I didn't see the denom on the mold. You're right. It's a no go.

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Both of those Bally's $1 chips are gorgeous, but I'm a sucker for a house mold, even if it is only semi-custom. Blues win!

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