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Feb 25, 2016
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11 Stanley Cups for the "Pocket Rocket", crazy to be on that many championship teams!

As a die-hard Habs fan, I laugh when people say "There were only 6 teams". Yes there were only 6 teams, but you had to be the best to be on any one of those teams. If there were only 6 teams, why is it the Leafs only have 13 Cups? The Red Wings only have 11? The Bruins and Hawks with 6? Rangers with 4? If there were only 6 teams why didn't those other teams win more?

Next - from the first expansion in 1967 The Habs have won 10 cups, the next nearest team is the Oilers with 5.

Can we stop with the "There were only 6 teams" bullshit now?

And yes, it is a sad passing. I was very fortunate to meet the man in 2014 at the Bell Centre. He was a very nice gentleman. He took the time to meet and greet everyone that crossed his path. A true ambassador for both Montreal and the NHL.
Can we stop with the "There were only 6 teams" bullshit now?
No. Show me any six-team league that played for 40-50 years, and one of those teams is going to have 15-20 titles. They are never evenly distributed, and there is always some turd team that never gets a title. The Habs had to be the best to win all those titles, and were clearly the class of the league for a very long time. But I have far more respect for dynasties in modern large leagues, like the Yankees, Patriots, Bulls, and Lakers. So laugh all you want, but the last NHL dynasty ended in 1990 for a reason.

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