For Sale ASM Color Sample Set, BCC Color Sample Set, Terrible's Bobble head, Chip Case, Chips (1 Viewer)

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Aug 8, 2013
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Got a few things I'd like to clear out.

-Dessert Palms and Pharaohs China Clay Sample Sets: 15+ shipping

-33 chip ASM Color sample set including 4 with edgespots: 15+ shipping
-35 chip BCC Color sample set including some interesting ones like Nevada Jack, Fan of Cards (I believe they were called) etc:15+ shipping
Both sets for 25+ shipping.

-Terrible's Hotel Casino Vegas 1 Dollar Gaming Token and Terrible's Lakeside Casino Pahrump NV Gaming token: 5 + shipping for both
-Mr. Terrible bobble head- I ended up winning a final one that I didn't expect to win so I've got 3 of these- Looking to sell one of them. Full disclosure two of the 3 a hand broke off during shipping but I glued it back on and you would never know. I will sell you the one that was never broken. If you are a new Terrible's collector you owe it to yourself to get a bobble head! 25 + shipping

-750 Chip Aluminum Case w/black felt inside- Used for about a month but then I bought bird cages so no need for this anymore. Looks new still: 20+ shipping.

-Pioneer Club Limited Edition $5 dollar chip set. 12 Chips in set. All matching #505 chips. I believe I paid 125 for them. Asking 100+ shipping

-Ultimate Bet 25's: Quantity: 50- 22 plus shipping

-Ultimate Bet 100's (Grey with pink/mint edge spots): Quantity: 98 Asking 40 plus shipping

-Paulson Private Cardroom Sample Set: Quantity: 8: Asking 8 plus shipping.

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Thinking of all sample / colour sets plus the 750 case can you check shipping to can plus to 30720
Added a few extra chips to the listing. Bubble I'll figure out shipping and let you know. I need to figure out a box for the chip case and then I'll let you know shipping
Roger that!

So I've got you down for the following:
ASM Color Set
BCC Color Set
Pharaoh and Desert Palms sample sets
PCR Sample Set
750 Chip Case

I'll figure out shipping tomorrow and let you know :)
He must be hoarding them because think the PM space is 200. Maybe more. I'll have to check.

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