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May 30, 2018
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Let's see the chips when you get them!


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clearly, I went a little overboard. Wanted max (400) of the $100s (figured they'd sell out), so i got 800 of each $1 and $5 to fill in the rest as fast as i could. Who knew that i could have just picked up the $100s after the first hour with no problem. LOL picked up the others (fracs and $25s) later. if anyone needs some racks of $1s and $5s - make me an offer!!
I love the white inlays on these cash chips. Personal taste, but I dislike black inlays, which has really spoiled some of the recent releases, like the otherwise amazing Jack chips. So keep showing off these ladies!
Hundo looks like candy!
Hope my package will get across the pond in one piece, would hate a damaged 500$ ;)
Oh man these look great! I got mine today but only barely opened them bc life and pandemic and such. Couple pics but super excited to get them out and wiped down.

I went way overboard bc I wanted 2 racks of fracs but no regrets. On the other hand I will likely have some barrels of 100s and 25s up for grabs.


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Damn, that's a lot of damaged chips. This always worries me since my post office lady seems to play soccer with our packages :(
Anyone received a T2K tournament set yet? Dying to see more shots of the T5. Not sure if my chips will make it to my post office before things get too crazy to pick them up.
This really makes me want to swap out my native lights $5s. I actually really dig the simplicity of the spots. Reminds me of watching high stakes poker back in the day when it filmed at South point.
In the sale thread the fracs edgespot looked black and someone pointed out that they were actually green, I was kinda not sure. In person though they look great and I'm glad they are green. Same goes for the 1's, I thought edgespot was black but the brown works really well. All chips arrived unscathed.


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