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Sep 20, 2017
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Hi all I am more of a collector of Ceramic Dealer Buttons than Acrylic Dealer Buttons so I had a few acrylics I thought I would let go. These are from PokerChipsDesign Group Buy. They are 60mm Buttons. They are all new and never used and just taken out for the picture. Based on the Group Buy prices and shipping paid each button would be $12 each to your door in the U.S. If you want all 4 buttons you can have the lot of four for $36 US. I would ship overseas for cost of shipping. Claim your buttons below. If someone buys the lot before each of the buttons sells individually priority will go to the person who wants the lot. But if each button is claimed individually before the lot is sold then I will sell them individually.

1. Blue Sands, 2. Casino Bahamia, 3. Dunes Hotel, and 4. Starburst Dealer in Star Shape.
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I needed to take a picture with a darker background so I put the DBs on top of a notebook near my computer. So the spots you might see are on the Notebook and not the Dealer buttons.
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