"Aces" style ceramics custom cash game mockup (1 Viewer)


Mar 4, 2015
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Looking at a cheap cash game set. I want a set of flat ceramics and was looking at the "Aces" style since they can be found online for .25-.30/chip. Was given about 30 predetermined color and spot combinations by the vendor and went with the below progression. Yellows are cool but will see very little play most likely. (*EDIT: got word from the printer that my label is too complex for a small ceramic logo space, so will be redesigning to a simpler Rome logo*)

What do you think of the chip selection itself? I thought they had a nice progression that looked like a cohesive set without any dirty stack risk. I'm open to changes for any chip except the 5cents.

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Was just informed from the vendor that I can change spot and base colors, just stick to the pattern options on the options list above. I took a couple cracks at designing color/spot combos. The colors aren't exactly the same options on the Aces templates, but close enough for comparison. I also want to avoid base green chips since our table is green they tend to get missed from view across the table for some older folks.

Set 1 was attempt 1. I really liked each chip but felt like they didn't go together as nicely as they could. The standout "problem" was forcing myself to have a red $5:

color option2.JPG

So I tried to coordinate better on set 2 while keeping a fun spot progression. Made the $5 purple, is that weird? Doing so allowed me to really tie the colors together, and cap it off with a yellow $20 that pulls in the colors from every other chip. I don't see any dirty stack issues here even with the matching colors, but I'm new to this. Any thougts or feedback? I'm hoping to order this week and would welcome any feedback at all, good or bad.

color coordinated set.JPG

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