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Nov 2, 2014
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These were made by the company that made Nevada jacks. Breakdown is 120-25, 300-100s, 120-500s, 200-1000s, and 80-10,000s.

3 sets, 1 used, 2 new

used set $100 shipped U.S.
New sets $120 shipped U.S.

I will include racks
$0.12/chip shipped? Got any pictures of these (yours or elsewhere on the internet)? I'm pretty happy with my Nevada Jacks saloon series, I could use an extra tournament set for travelling...

EDIT: I think a found a picture elsewhere. Not wild about the design. Fantastic deal though, if they are anything like Nevada Jacks then well worth it. Good luck with the sale!
this looks like a great deal. I get paid tomorrow, might be interested. any chance i could get a better pic of the face of the chips?

good luck with the sale. Will be checking back tomorrow when I have $$
Just to be clear, that's 820 chips per set and you have 2 new and 1 used set? Give me a few better pictures, i may take them all
Instead of 3 equal sets you could break it down as a 3 table 25/50 T10,000 set and a 2 table 100/200 T40,000 set.

Something like
Set 1 Set 2
$25 360 0
$100 580 320
$500 170 190
$1000 300 300
$10K 40 200

Actually with just the 1640 new chips you could get 2 2-table sets instead of just 2 1-table sets

Set 1 Set 2
$25 240
$100 280 320
$500 100 140
$1000 150 250
$10K 30 150
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I forgot to write that i had with Lars the experience of trade. Very satisfied.
Price attractive. And I even wanted to immediately transfer him money (but, the fact that I do not need these chips :) ) .
I've never owned a ceramic chip. I do not know what they are quality. I decided that even if they get someone who really need them.
Better pics.


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Yea I think that's too good to pass on right now. I'll take one of the new ones. Send me a message and we can set it up... I'm at work now but can do something tonight or tomorrow morning
1 new set sold. I will ship these without the racks for $10 off.
Picked my chips up today. Very happy with the purchase. Seller was great to deal with fast turn around well packaged. Would do business again.

For the asking price these chips are a steal
These are packed up and ready to go in two large flat rate boxes. I have extras of each denomination so they are included. $220 shipped without racks.
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