Cancelled Abbiati barrels/racks for mixed set (Park Place/Imperia???) (1 Viewer)

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Apr 7, 2016
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Hey, all. Just started building an Abbiati mixed set and am looking for some barrels yet. As of this edit I acquired much of what I have been looking for but am also still in need of some specific stuff. Mainly what I have seen is some Park Place cash and Crown Plaza tourney chips but have also seen scarce pics of other sets, am open to seeing what sets if any people are willing to part with (Imperia looks fantastic to me but I don't know how many are out there); since it is a mixed set that may be used for both cash/tourney I would be willing to see what styles anyone might have to part with and go from there. So if there is something outside the norm, such as Park Place cash and Crown Plaza tourney (not digging CP cash as much), please PM me. Really, I will be interested in checking out anything Abbiati (minus the aforementioned Crown Plaza cash chips) and going from there.

Thanks! Specifics:

The main thing I am looking for is...

1.) 2 racks of 5c or T5 (if they exist, something like pictured below?). If someone actually has Imperias to sell I may even go outside just the 5s. Heck, even a non-demom chip would work if it was an option. I'll look at whatever anyone has, I just really need a T5 or 5cent chip!

2.) About a rack and a half (basically 8 barrels or so) of 25c Park Place cash.

3.) 2 racks of $5 Crown Plaza (specifically) cash.

4.) 2 racks of T25 (Park Place prefered but willing to look at whatever)

5.) A rack of T100 (same)

6.) Half a rack of T500 (same)
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Have you looked into buying a set directly?
Been trying for months to no avail. Also figure anything custom is going to be extremely pricey and I may be better off going. This route, especially as i'm not particularly picky overall with design for these chips.
Are you looking for a full set or just barrels? Have a Park Place cash set I might park with if looking for a full set.

Bumping. I acquired some of my needs and more are pending so I updated the OP significantly; don't know if what I am primarily chasing is attainable but definitely seems to exist, I just don't know how many are out there.
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