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Feb 2, 2015
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United States
Its no secret that I've been acquiring Empress chips (and will continue to). I've finally cleaned everything, but it's not yet oiled or ready for full photo production. Until that time, here's a not overly glamorous pic of some of the chips-in-waiting...

The Empress inlays are one of my favorites. Clean and simple.
Glad my babies have finally found a good home. :)
Can't recall another casino with no location on the inlay ??
There are wet chips with no text at all, just a logo and denom. Seems like most gaming commissions require a location though.
Can't recall another casino with no location on the inlay ??

Pretty rare for Nevada (maybe none from there recently, actually), but there are a few from other states (CA, IL) and countries... plus several wet chip sets. Gaming commission rules are what typically dictates it, I think.
The Outpost inlays have city/state, unless you're referring to the RHC chips with oversize inlays (don't have any of those to check). But the standard size inlay THC chips all show either San Ramon or Pacheco.
Chips used on floating casinos (boats). Often not controlled by any regulatory bodies, since many operate on the 'open seas'.

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