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Sep 30, 2016
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I am wondering if anyone lives near Red Deer Casino and might be willing to try to harvest some chips for me.


I have one of the Blue 1s and i think it is a no-mold clay chip. I would like to get some of the 1s and .50s in quantity if possible. This casino has only been open a short time and the chips are in great shape.

Ideally i would like to get like 2 racks of 1s and 4-6 racks of .50s to relabel as 5s. Maybe start with like a barrel each to see how much i like them in stacks and confirm they are indeed clay.

anyone live around this casino?


Do you think these are clay? Look ceramicy to me (hybrid), but hard to tell based on pics.
i have one of the 1s. i think its clay but not sure. I can break it in half tonight and maybe ill know more. Feels like clay to me though.
I wanted to get maybe a barrel of each to check them out before trying to get alot of them.
Do you think these are clay? Look ceramicy to me (hybrid), but hard to tell based on pics.
definatley not ceramic, possibly some kind of plastic but the one i have feels like clay.

ive got some 43mm, no mold, bccs that id love to pair these with if they are clay.
Could you post a close up photo of the chip you have? Is there any crosshatching on the clay?
Another way to tell if you had more of them would be to compare edge spots for uniformity. But if you only have one, then that's harder.
I will do some experimenting on the one I have tonight and post some pics. There is no texture to the inlay or the chip.
I'm no longer nearby. Might be able to stop in for an evening over Christmas, but probably wouldn't be able to harvest much more than a barrel or 2.
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