Wanted $8 M resort LV year of the rabbit / YOT chips in general (1 Viewer)

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Mar 26, 2013
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Hi all !

Looking for this chip.
Also looking for others YOT chips from all casino, i just need to like it and i'll buy :D

Let me know and thanks for your help !
PS : shipping to France and i obviously cover shipping fees...

Can someone explain the purpose of the $8 chip? I get the $2 and the $3, but is the $8 specific for a 4/8 game (which I don't ever hear people talk about)?
$8 chip is in play for Baccarat not poker

@HQ: I'm looking to your pic with my laptop and pm you ;)
Can someone explain the purpose of the $8 chip? I get the $2 and the $3, but is the $8 specific for a 4/8 game (which I don't ever hear people talk about)?
The $8 chip is not really used in Baccarat.

The oversized $8 chips really didn't get much play. They were mostly collector's items. So much so that the gaming commission said that they could no longer make them as live checks, chips. You won't find any $8 chips until the gaming commission reverses their decision, which isn't likely to happen. Their position is that , the chips are to be used for play,and guests were not playing them and that their whole reason for their existence was to be collected.
In Chinese, 八, meaning "eight," is pronounced "bā," which rhymes with the word 发, "fā," meaning "to make a bundle of money."

8 in multiples, such as 888, is especially lucky. In gambling most Chinese people are extremely superstitious when it comes to numerology.In everyday life, Some will pay up for lucky number 8 in everything things, such as custom phone numbers, license plates, etc.

So casinos having $8 chips is mostly pandering to the rising wealth of the Chinese. It is usually combined with the Chinese zodiac cycle for Chinese New Year. This practice, at least in Nevada, appears to be ending. The commission frowns upon commemorative-only chips that do not have practical table game usage. 8 does not serve practical purpose. So they are reverting back to $1s now.

Along those lines, the number 4 is the opposite. It is extremely unlucky. 4, pronounced "sì," sounds like 死 "sǐ," meaning death. Some buildings in China (though mostly in rural areas) will not have a 4th floor, just as some buildings in the US will not have a 13th floor.
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FYI, here are the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac in order.

For some reason the Tiger and Dragon chips in this Paulson fantasy set are extremely rare. I only have this one set.

Paulson Chinese Zodiac Full Set.jpg
So if the $8 zodiac chips were never really on the baccarat tables, where did you get them at the casino? At the cages or in a gift shop or something?
Are all the $8 "year of" chips oversized baccarat chips (rio, bellagio, palms, mandalay, luxor, etc)?
Nope they are not all oversized.
It depends on casino... but most of the casino on the strip chose oversized chip
Sorry....no rabbit. I did find this little piggy in my collection. It comes from the MGM Grand and is a limited edition of 8,888.
It's yours gratis if you like, just PM your addy.

MGM_8_F.jpg MGM_8_B.jpg
Hi Paz,

Thanks for your nice offer but I already have it.
So, this little pig could interest someone else :)
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