SOLD 750 Venerati Ceramics + Extras: Now $245 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 21, 2018
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Update: I will drop the price $5 with every bump until someone snatches these up

For Sale is a 750 piece Venerati Set that I purchased directly from back in 2009. These were my first chips that weren't dice chips. I purchased these a decade before stumbling upon PCF and the chipping world, so the breakdown isn't ideal. Back then, quarter bets were the most common bet, so I went a little heavy on the 25 chips, but should work fine for a micro stakes game. I bought these denoms to have the flexibility to play cash or a small tournament, simply making the $25 chips $0.25 and the $100 worth $1, etc. I loved the quality and design of the chips, but I have moved on to other options since coming to PCF, but would love for these to find their way to a good home that would use them. One other note, in dim lighting, there are some dirty stack issues with the $25 and $100 but with decent lighting it should be ok.


$25 x 400
$100 x 200
$500 x 100
$1,000 x 50

I am also including some singles of other denoms as extras that I purchased when I bought the set so I could see what they were like.

Asking $250 + shipping for the set (less than what I paid in 2009).

Buyer takes on all responsibility once these are dropped off a the post office.

Note: As you can see from the date on the piece of paper but I intended to list these back in February... not sure where the year went. I am too lazy to take another picture with them all, but I am happy to do so if buyer would like.

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Per updated OP - I will drop the price $5 with every bump.

So now $245 + shipping
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