SOLD 700 chip Grand Victoria secondary tournament set (5 Viewers)

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May 29, 2013
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Grand Victoria secondary -- breaking up the set :(

200 x $5 (sold, $125/rack) -- but 200 new to offer!
200 x $25 (sold, $100/rack) -- but 200 new to offer!
500 x $100 ($400/rack) -- many sold, but 5 new racks to offer!
400 x $500 ($160/barrel -- or $700/rack!!!)
150 x $1000 ($18/chip, or $1600/rack)

Buyer to cover shipping and paypal fees.


Would consider the following in partial trade:
$5 Kings Crown TRK 3-moon

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WOW... a gorgeous set that I don't expect will last for long. The 10 barrels of twelve-stripe hundos are particularly attractive! Wish I had some Bahamias or Empress primaries to trade!
one of the best Casino chips sets !
I know a french member, till359, who's looking for those beauties,
oh well,
I had each denom of it for a while, in a tiny set,
the seller is also great to deal with, but I'll have to stay serious !
Hi im interested fir some 5 25 100 maybe some 500 i m in switzerland bad connection i send yoump tomorrow go see my wtb this is what i need at least in for some 1000 too
The overhead views of those two racks of twelve stripe minty hundos keep growing and growing on me. Someone please hurry and buy them and take away the temptation! Make it stop!
If this doesn't sell , when I get back from my trip, I would be in for everything except the 5s

Id love to have the 5s...but not at the same value as the higher denoms. Perhaps we can come to an agreement.
Possible split between Racer and jja412 -- if Racer is still interested after trip.
Breaking up the set -- the $5s and $25s are pending. The upper denoms are still available.
Grab those hundos before they are gone....or I change my mind. Just an incredible chip, that hundo!
Hundos are $400/rack. I've modified OP to show this. $500s are $160/barrel. I have 2 racks of each denom.

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One rack of hundos rack left.
Both racks of hundos sold. OK, so I'm adding 1 more rack.

2 racks sold, 1 rack of hundos left!! Last chance folks.
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4 barrels of $500 pending, 6 barrels left
Still have 1 rack of $100s too.
I have a BUNCH more Grand Vic secondary that will be for sale starting this weekend. This will be the LAST of my GV stash -- everything must go. So if you've been wanting to add (especially high denoms) to your GV set -- now might be the time. Once these go, I won't have any more to offer.

I'll post quantities and photos this weekend. But I have $5s - $1000s, with 4 FULL RACKS of $500s!!! I'm even going to break some racks this time, because I want to keep a barrel or two of the $100, $500 and $1000 -- keepsakes :)

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Goodness, it's going to make me sad to sell those $100s and $500s. I really love those two denoms, in particular!
Good lord you have some massively awesome sets...or should i say "had"? :p Good luck with everything.
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