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Not Mine 500pc Laurel Crown Ceramics for $120 (1 Viewer)


Full House
Feb 9, 2016
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Collegeville, PA
No crazy deal or anything, but these are in my city, which is rare. Happy to pick up and ship out to you if they're available. I don't have any board game size USPS boxes, so the case won't come with it, but a MFRB should do the trick and you'll get all the contents.

Cool option if you want a cheap ceramic set for deepstack tournaments.

Contact the seller, negotiate the deal, then tell him you have an associate in the area to retrieve the goods.....like a motherfuckin boss.


00C0C_9XXYD5ZJu8n_1200x900 (1).jpg
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:D first time hearing the like a boss comment without getting pissed off since that jerkoff Kassouf last year.

Very cool offer and as always I appreciate the eye out for deals across the galaxy. I enjoy clicking on your mysterious not mine links, like a treasure hunter whenever they appear.
You know, I don't really mind the look of those Laurel Crown ceramics but don't need any more ceramic chips since I bought 10% of all known Yaks lol

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