SOLD 5 sets (Jack Cincy, BPOE limit set, BCC Speakeasy, IOC mixed, Terribles St. Jo) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 4, 2015
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Hey peeps,

Selling a few sets that I don't use. The fine print:
  • Dibs: This is a DIBS sale. DIBS means you own it (pending payment of course :))
    • Post dibs in this thread first, and then PM me.
  • Split?: I am not breaking up the sets for now (with the exception of caveats mentioned below).
    • If I do eventually break them up, please note that there are people with FROR for pieces of the set. I will disclose that, along with prices, if we get there.
  • Price: These chips are being sold at the same prices I paid.
    • Some prices may be higher or lower than where the market is, but that's the way I typically sell. SO....please save yourself the time sending offers because I'm not a haggler.
    • EXCEPTION: If you've ever done me a solid or we are friends...hit me up if you need something!!
  • Payment: PayPal, Friends and Family.
  • Shipping: All prices EXCLUDE shipping. I'm fine shipping internationally, but will not be liable for lost or damaged chips. I pack rock solid, but I have had too many experiences with customs opening packages and stuff going missing or damaged.
  • Chip Condition: Please see pics and let me know if you need additional pics.
My apologies. I spent all day taking pics and forgot to include the card with my name and date. However, if you are concerned, please feel free to PM one of the members listed below. They have my personal phone number and can text me to verify that I am who I am.

Let me know if you have any questions.

SET #1: Jack Cinci: 860 chips, $1,025

$1 x 400 ($119 per rack)
[SOLD] $5 x 300 ($119 per rack), (@BigSlick4523 x 200 ?), (@TheCollector25 x 100 ?) (Backup: @APC , @drbradley)
[SOLD] $25 x 80 ($24 per barrel), (@RedRider52 x 40), (@TheCollector25 x 40)
[SOLD] $100 x 60 ($24 per barrel...technically $23.80..LOL), (@London24 x 60 ?), (Backup: @TheOffalo, @APC)
[SOLD] $500 x 20 ($24 per barrel...technically $23.80), (@BigSlick4523 x 20 ?), (Backup: @TheOffalo)

+3 Dealer Buttons


[SOLD ] SET #2: BPOE Paulson Diamond Mold Limit Set: 1,364 chips, $690.

These chips feel AMAZING!! About 10 grams per chip. I just have no use for a limit set; no matter how hard I try...LOL.

$1 x 995
$5 x 369


SET #3: BCC Speakeasy: 597 Chips, $1,045​

$1 x 180
$5 x 120
$25 x 107
$100 x 100
$5k x 90

SET #4: Isle of Capri Mixed Set: 720 Chips, $1,940 (OR $1,550 without Rivers Fracs)

Price for the set
$1,940 for 720 chips, with Rivers fracs + 2 DBs
$1,550 for 620 chips, NO Rivers fracs + 2 DBs


Split Price
.25 x 100, (Rivers Casino), $390
$1 x 200, (Isle, Cape Girardeau), $350 per rack
$5 x 300, (Isle, KC), $180 per rack
[SOLD] $25 x 100 (Isle, KC), $175 (@tentoesdown)
[SOLD] $100 x 20 (Isle, KC), $135 for the barrel (@Goronic)

[SOLD] DBs x 2


SET #5: Terribles, St. Joseph: 960 Chips, $2,800​

.50 x 140 (@Hotus777 has FROR if split)
$1 x 400
$5 x 300
$25 x 100
$100 x 20

+2 DBs
+4 Decks

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I thought this was a thread about a sample set of speakeasys, holy hell was I wrong. Amazing set, honestly given what BCC and how limited supply those are, I imagine they'll be gone within a few hours/minutes and are priced well under market rate. I'm over my cap for chip spending, otherwise I'd be hella tempted.
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