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Aug 23, 2013
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I'm selling my Claysmith Milanos $5 chips. They're great chips, but I just don't have a need for them anymore. These particular chips are essentially brand new. I received them as replacements for defective Milano chips, but by that time, my game progressed away from using these. I sold off all my lower denom Milanos already, so I don't need these for a cash set. These are NOT the $5 Milanos that experienced height issues, or misprinted labels. You can still find those selling for cheap online. These are not defective.

They've never been in play, just displayed. I oiled them when I received them, but otherwise, they've been in my chip drawer gathering chalky dust... With the CPS order due any time now, I need to clear out room in my chip storage drawers.


I have 300+ of these guys. I'll sell them for $.20 each if you take them all ($60), plus $14 for shipping a MFRB inside the CONUS. [total of $74 shipped]

I will split these up by racks, but you will then pay $.25 each +$5.00 for SFRB shipping for each rack [$30/rack shipped]

These are out of stock with most retailers I've seen, and my cheapest price found was $.33/chip. My pricing is fair and firm.


At this time, I'm not looking to ship internationally.
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To racks have been sold. I have one rack remaining.

$30 shipped to the conus
ha, ok. The Milanos $5 rack is spoken for. Strike, I'll throw in a few extra $5's I have since you bought more than one rack. Might be nice to have a couple extras in case of breakage, etc...
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