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Feb 14, 2014
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Looking for 400+ RHC chips to relabel as quarters for the Even Stevens chips I just got. Ideally dark or light blue, but pink or any base color other that white, red, green, black would do.
With that many quarters, you could do a Pink Chip Game with pink chips. Good luck with your search.
I'm curious as to what you end up going with. A rack of color contrasting used RHC chips that could be relabelled or fill as quarters in a pinch as is would be interesting, but I'm fuzzy on the options on the market.
$1 Binion's chip or Casino Aztar snappers?
I was thinking the Aztar snapper is probably the one I'll end up with. Which binions $1 are you talking about. Only one I found on eBay was white.

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With that many quarters, you could do a Pink Chip Game with pink chips. Good luck with your search.

I could probably make do with 200-300, but I like alot of chips in front of me.

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That's a lot of quarters! What games/stakes do you play? :)
.25/.50 or .50/1.00 depending on the crowd. Limit or NL depending on the crowd.
I have a rack of the light pink Aztar snappers available; also have 2 racks of the bright pink Terrible 50c chips. PM me if interested.
Grand victoria? They arnt that old, not sure how many are out there though
i have a set of used foe good price but only 80 light blue and 80 pink in it if interested 120$ for more than 350 chips
This: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418184455.654167.jpg
That would be perfect, but how do I get 400 of them, outside of flying to vegas and harvesting them?
You might not get them all at once and you will pay a little above face, but members here go to Vegas often and have offered or have been asked to harvest chips for other members.
I had $1 NYNY chips Harvested from a contact I have in Vegas, it cost $2 a chip but it was SOOOOO worth it, I relabeled them for Empress 1's.

These were hard to get as they (NYNY) does NOT have a poker room.
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