Giveaway 3D Printed DB Racks #3 - The 3 Year Anniversary Special (1 Viewer)

Which Set Should We Use?

  • Bottled-in-Bond

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • Mixed THC

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • Vintage Mixed

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • Mixed RHC

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • HSI

    Votes: 4 14.8%
  • Santa Ysabel

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • DDLM

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • Sunfly Windsor Hold'em

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Park Place

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Joker Poker

    Votes: 1 3.7%
  • Oversized RHC

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Matsui Zen

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Love the idea. May there be many more years of happy chipping ahead of you!
Thanks! I think my goal is to start working on getting my group into chips. They really think I need an intervention!

Thanks for the fun giveaway ! I need a method to store some of my buttons LOL.
Yup; DB Storage Deficiency is a real thing...
Alright, we have our 23 players! Running my software now ...

✅ Aligning satellites...
✅ Using the barometric pressure from -85.5044, 65.4421 as secure FIPS-140-2 seed...

-> The following 23 members would like to play:
inapinch, ekricket, BlueChipSpecial, Suited Connector, HeWhoWouldPun, CDC, arch3r, ChipRocker , RowlettTexasChipGuy, TheOffalo, Ethan, grantc54, JRald07, JAFO, mnebesny, TX_Golf_N_Poker, FordPickup92, auto, k9dr, Goldfish, satisfyingbutton, BEANO52, Ocharacato

Seat #1 was filled by @TX_Golf_N_Poker! There are 22 PCF members left and only 9 spots...
Seat #2 was filled by @BlueChipSpecial! There are 21 PCF members left and only 8 spots...
Seat #3 was filled by @grantc54! There are 20 PCF members left and only 7 spots...
Seat #4 was filled by @arch3r! There are 19 PCF members left and only 6 spots...
Seat #5 was filled by @JAFO! There are 18 PCF members left and only 5 spots...
Seat #6 was filled by @Goldfish! There are 17 PCF members left and only 4 spots...
Seat #7 was filled by @k9dr! There are 16 PCF members left and only 3 spots...
Seat #8 was filled by @RowlettTexasChipGuy! There are 15 PCF members left and only 2 spots...
Seat #9 was filled by @JRald07! There are 14 PCF members left and only 1 spots...
Seat #10 was filled by @CDC! There are 13 PCF members who didn't get a spot :(

I will be posting here tomorrow morning with the seats, DB, etc ...
We're all set to deal ... except that @RowlettTexasChipGuy has to go to the bathroom, so we're in a holding pattern. I told him there's a sump pit in the corner of the basement, but nooooo ... someone must have a proper toilet. Can I get you some warm towels and tea sandwiches, too?

The cards have been dealt!

:ah::jh: @BlueChipSpecial (Iron Man)
:qh::9h: @grantc54 (Ant Man)
:qs::8d: @arch3r (Loki)
:ad::td: @JAFO (Magneto)
:kh::6c: @Goldfish (Thanos)
:as::3h: @k9dr (Eddie)
:kd::9s: @RowlettTexasChipGuy (Batman)
:jd::2d: @JRald07 (Belle)
:qc::8s: @CDC (Wolverine)
:8c::6d: @TX_Golf_N_Poker (Anger)


@BlueChipSpecial must be feeling pretty damn good right now; suited royals; he's already 2/5 of the way to a Royal. But @grantc54 is there to ruin his day by taking away his Queen and also has got some straight possibilities. Lots of hearts out, but @BlueChipSpecial has the edge there.

@arch3r is hoping for :9x::tx::jx: or all under cards with an :8x: on the flop. @JAFO also has some suited Royal action going on, but @JRald has stolen his Jack. They both have flush chances too just like @BlueChipSpecialand @grantc54.

@Goldfish / @CDC are kinda in the middle of nowhere and are holding for a dream flop. @TX_Golf_N_Poker wants to see all low cards. And then there's @k9dr - he's got the weakest ace out there. But there's always the hope for 2 pair...

I will NOT be posting any updates until I feel a sufficient amount of trash talking has commenced...
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@grantc54 is first to act. He likes his suited cards and feels some backdoor action on this giveaway. But he doesn't want to push his luck, so he limps in ... on a 10-way pot ... what could go wrong?

@arch3r doesn't know he's dominated. So he limps in as well.

@JAFO's got a suited Ace and decides to raise it up. He's hoping to get folds out of suited/connected combinations, but also to keep weaker Aces in...
@Goldfish looks down at his cards and grumbles. He calls hoping for trip 6s.

@k9dr has some bad news for @JAFO - he's got a better Ace, and calls.

@RowlettTexasChipGuy looks down at his K9 and thinks it's hilarious he's sitting next to @k9dr. This must be a sign. Besides, he hates sitting next to @k9dr with his fancy hair and chiseled jaw. How dare you - who do you think you are??? Raise!
@JRald07 doesn't know what these other jokers have, but shit, he's got a suited Jack, so why not come along for the ride!

@CDC looks down at his cards and then back up. He locks eyes with @arch3r and they share a moment. Could they have the same cards? Call.

@TX_Golf_N_Poker knows that everyone else has some kind of broadway nonsense. These are the dream cards - it's gonna be all unders on this flop...
@BlueChipSpecial can read this room like a book. AT, A3, some suits, some connectors. He's best right now - he knows it. But there are 10 players in this game and he wants them all in. He flats - it's ballsy.
And the flop lands ...


@RowlettTexasChipGuy cannot believe his eyes. Two Pair! He starts to get excited and takes his warm towel and covers his face to hide his excitement. Then he stuffs the BLT into his mouth to prevent him from giggling like a schoolgirl. Guy's gotta watch his tells...

Lots of 4-to-a-flush's as well as. @k9dr is super pissed he wasn't dealt :kx::9x:- but he's got outs with an Ace giving his dominated hand two-pair against other Aces.
@BlueChipSpecial cannot believe his suited face cards completely missed. But he's first to act and needs to represent something.

@grantc54's dreams of a flush are also over. But he's got middle pair with a decent kicker. Let's raise it up to make @BlueChipSpecial sweat!

@arch3r is again hoping for some backdoor action and calls.
@JAFO is also pissed he missed both his flush and his Ace. But how often do you get some pretty cards dealt to you, he asks himself. Throws 2 chips out and calls and just hopes for some kind of crazy runner-runner.

@Goldfish is epically pissed. Although he hit his King, it can't be good with 10 others. And he's right, but he's going to go for the semi-bluff and throw out a raise to $20!

@k9dr questions his choices in life as he tosses in a $20 to call. It's only money...
@RowlettTexasChipGuy could raise here. In fact, you should, because you know there are other clubs lurking like an overweight ninja in front of a noodle house. But you also know that these degenerates won't fold. So you flat and set the trap.

@JRald07 is quite confused. First, why is he Belle? Well, that's because I let my kids pick your avatars. But also why you're still in this hand with literally Jack Shit. Call...

@CDC again locks eyes with @arch3r ... you indeed have the same hand. But @CDC's is much better with a solid flush possibility! Nothing is getting you outta this hand. Call!
And then there's @TX_Golf_N_Poker ... yes, you have a club, but come on man, there are 9 other players. You can't (and don't) have the best club. You've got some outs, but it's grim. Shitty flop - Anger was the right choice for you...
And when all hope is lost for some, the turn brings some hopefuls back to life!


It's a black card, but it's NOT a club!
@BlueChipSpecial picks up some outs with 2-pair and set combinations
@grantc54 and @arch3r AND @JAFO hits 1 of the 2 cards needed for their backdoor straight - :th::ts: or :qd: could save the day...
@k9dr needs a :3x:
@RowlettTexasChipGuy is in the lead for now ... Looking to avoid :ax: and any :clubs:
@CDC's flush is still alive for the win and also has outs with any :tx:
@JRald07 wakes up with a pair of Jiggities, but @BlueChipSpecial has you dominated I think
@Goldfish looks to be drawing dead. Sorry man :(

... whoa, wait a sec. That means that we'd have a 3-way tie with either the :th: or the :ts:!!!

And if that happens, decide winner, say alphabetically. That seems fair and impartial, right?

... I actually never considered a tie before. I'm going to have to come up with a rule for this before the final card lands. Which at this point isn't going to be anytime soon BECAUSE I SEE NO TRASH TALKING OCCURRING!
here in lies the problem

with no Sandwich would of gone all in preflop so everyone on the table would of folded because they are all scared of my uncle


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after you deal the K of spades, I will just add these freebies to my order I am going to make

hint, hint

tht may be a type of bribe for the Dealer

but if he/she is above reproach

i am calling my

here in lies the problem

with no Sandwich would of gone all in preflop so everyone on the table would of folded because they are all scared of my uncle
Hmmm - so you're blaming the sandwich? Honestly, do you really think these these guys came here to fold pre-flop? Nuh-uh!

"Happy 3 Year Anniversary, BearMetal!"

Yeah I’m late but still wanted to mention it to you. Bear, you are the GOAT when it comes to these racks!
Thanks! Always happy to make some 3D goodies for those who are awesome forum members!

The amount of "One Time"'s that have been used in my giveaways is making me feel guilty...

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