SOLD 3 Barrels JACK Cinci $100's Secondary New/Mint (CONUS ONLY)

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Dec 14, 2020
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Minnesota, USA
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3 Barrels JACK Cinci $100's Secondary New/Mint (CONUS ONLY)
  • 3 Barrels Brand New, never felted, mint . - See Pics - I bought these straight from TCR as a part of my 1st Day purchase. These have been all SOLD OUT since day 1 and do not come up often. To me they are really good looking just as they are, but they would work really well as a murder candidate too. Just a few extra barrels that I don't need might be the perfect thing to round out what you need.

By the Barrel
  • Mint Barrel = $60/Barrel + Shipping
  • All 3 Barrels = $180 (Free Shipping)
*****Racks NOT included in this sale*****

Go ahead and post dibs here for whatever you want and then we can go from there. I will honor dibs, but only if you follow up in a reasonable time with a pm and make quick payment.
I would prefer to sell all 3 barrels to the same buyer, so I will wait 2 hours from posting time to allow for 1 buyer to take all 3 barrels & then I will split and go by dibs.

All payments are to be made PP F&F or add 4% plus S&H

All chips will be shipped USPS Priority Mail
ONLY SELLING TO THE USA - NO International Shipping right now

Shipping Prices are as follows unless otherwise agreed upon:
3 Barrels = usps sfrb = FREE SHIPPING
1 Barrel = usps padded envelope = $4 or usps sfrb = $9 (Your choice)
2 Barrels = usps padded envelope = $6 or usps sfrb = $9 (Your choice)

I will ship the chips out the next business day and everything will be packed securely so there is no chance of anything getting damaged.

*P.S If you make original dibs on chips then pull back on some of the chips I reserve the right to cancel all dibs you have made*
*If you call DIBS please make sure you want the chips thank you*

Thanks for looking,

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