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Aug 8, 2013
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Now that I've got my Terrible's displayed in my curio cabinet downstairs I decided to sell the Oak Chip Chest that I bought from Tommy.

It has 3 drawers that each hold 400 chips for a total of 1200 between the 3 drawers. Plus the top can easily hold another 1k in boxes. I kept 200 in the top and all my decks of cards. For reference you can stack 3 Bicycle Prestige decks and still close the lid with no clearance issues.

The chest is made of solid oak and is extremely heavy duty. I carried over 1400 chips plus cards in the top with this by the handles and never had any issue. Not sure what the correct name would be but tongue and groove construction (see picture as that's maybe not what its called).

I put suited speed cloth in the top. The sides and bottoms of all the drawers are black felt.

Chips and cards not included

I've got 208 into it but I'm asking 190 + shipping via paypal friends and family or add paypal fees.
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Great job with the SSC! Someone will snap that up. It's a solid piece!
I am interested but it would have to wait a bit and would like to know what the shipping to dalton ga 30720 is before I comit for sure.
I am almost tempted to buy it back. LOL
Are you visiting in the states? Your postbit is showing a US flag.
I'll figure out shipping and let you know tomorrow Bubble
Cool! Drive or Fly?

(sry for the hijack cheese)

Drove I'll be putting up a tread about it as soon as I get home with pron

Was bored so I started already
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Very cool. I love road trips. I almost drove to Arizona to pick up my poker table. LOL :)
I am interested but it would have to wait a bit and would like to know what the shipping to dalton ga 30720 is before I comit for sure.

Shipping to 30720 is 33.84 via ups.
Box is 28 lbs and is 20x17x14

Let me know, thanks!
Still for sale! This is a great chest for the money. There are cheaper ones out there but they aren't built half as heavy duty as this one.
Great chip storage! Someone will pick this up. You might try Fedex Ground too. They are normally cheaper for me.
Bump, Price drop to 190 plus actual shipping charges. This is an extremely high quality piece!
Cool! My only suggestion is to get some self-adhesive rubber feet for the bottom for extra protection against marking/scratching the surface you put it on. Cheap and easy to get at Home Depot or Lowes.
Yeah I have some little sticky rubber ones that I put on so it won't scratch my counter etc so you should be good to go already :)
According to tracking it is about half way there this morn and I should have it by sat yay so excited
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