For Sale 1300 Bud Jones Roulette Chips **SOLD** (1 Viewer)

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Nov 21, 2021
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This sale is for 1300 Bud Jones roulette chips. These have been felted once by me and never before by anyone else as far as I know. I will not split these.

How I understand it, is that these are from the old Playboy casino in Atlantic City. These were reserve, or back up roulette chips. The colors are fantastic and vibrant. The feel of these chips is also excellent. They stack wonderfully and can go 40 chips tall no problem.

I’m asking $400 or best offer including shipping, which is what I paid for them here on PCF. I understand I am not very active here on the forum, so paypal goods and services is fine. Please just account for fees when making payment. Each color has 200 of each, except for the Sky Blue which only has 100. Any questions or concerns please reply here or reach out to me. This is my first sale so if I’m forgetting anything I apologies. Thanks for looking.

PS ignore the date in my photo with screen name. Have been meaning to post these forever and finally getting around to it


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That was a pretty standard mold for roulette, the ones from Playboy actually say Playboy on them
but maybe your info about a backup set is true, no idea, but the handle great
They may not be Playboy backups. That was just the info I had saw on another group or forum. At any rate they are nice chips
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definitely great quality, I was just never sure who made them ? Was wondering if it might be RT Plastics ??
bumpity bump bump. versatile chips in beautiful condition. make me an offer!
Chips have been sold and shipped! Thanks everyone who took a look at these. Happy they found a good home.
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