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Mar 28, 2014
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Kansas City, MO
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Selling my Paulson Terrible's St Joe set. Honestly just haven't meaningfully hosted games in a few years and would rather someone put them in play more regularly. Price is $1,000 shipped in the US OR $960 + shipping for international. Insurance is optional and possession is agreed as transferred once I put the chips in the mail. Condition is my best estimation of condition. All are assumed used and chips $100 and lower have been felted a few times by me.




The breakdown is as follows:
100 50 cent chips (casino used)
402 $1 chips (casino used)
519 $5 chips (400 casino used /100 or so bought in great shape )
106 $25 chips (pretty rough casino used)
120 $100 chips (great shape but felted at least a few times)
20 $500 chips (never played by me and appear excellent+)
1,267 chips total

Throw ins
1 deck of Gemaco paper Terrible's cards
2 3rd party (not original) Terrible's St Jo buttons

No splits. PayPal F+F payment only. Using dibs in this thread only on a first come first serve basis. Dibs means your taking the chips. Follow up questions will be clarified but should be clarified prior to claiming the chips.
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