SOLD 1250+ Paulson H&C Joker's Casino Seattle Hotstamped Chips (1 Viewer)

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Paulson poker chips from the closed Joker’s Casino in Seattle, WA (Chip Guide Link). I held them for a project I’m no longer pursuing. Assume casino use with varying amounts of wear. A mix of chips with cash and no cash value denominations. Please refer to pictures for a more detailed explanation of condition. Chips do have a smoke and beer odor to them as they were used in a casino where smoking and drinking were allowed (the good old days). Chips have not been cleaned or oiled since coming in to my possession, they have lived in plastic containers with a few dryer sheets to keep them from stinking up the cupboard.

Chip break down:
400x $.25 Pink Chips
100x $1.00 Blue Chips
150x $5.00 Red/Orange/Black Chips
160x No Cash Value Yellow Chips
180x No Cash Value Grey Chips (First time I’ve seen the grey NCV chips anywhere)
250x No Cash Value Pink Chips
25x Left Over Chips with Varying Denominations (I’m keeping the yellow chip in picture O).

Chip photos (I don’t know why I photographed the worst condition chips first, violating the first rule of roadside beet sales. I shoved ABCD to the bottom of the photo album.):

Also includes the chip trays and blind buttons pictured.I made no effort to cherry pick which side of the chip was photographed here, it was randomly selected when displaying them. I’d be happy to obtain any other photos or information I can for you.

Please understand these chips are dirty, worn, and have an odor associated with their use in a casino. They have not been cleaned after leaving circulation.

All told package(s) will weigh over 35 pounds. I’ll work with you to find the cheapest and safest shipping method possible from Seattle.

EDIT 1: ADDING CLOSE UP ALBUM-Took front 5 off the middle barrel of each rack as a pseudo random sample and photographed with flash on in my poorly lit basement. Sorry about my awful photos, I swear I’m not completely useless.

EDIT 2: Adding links to my perfect boardgamegeek and eBay feedbacks as I don’t have rep here (yet).
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