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For Sale 11 gram RHC - Hollywood Casino 100s (Paulson Fantasy) - 1 rack (1 Viewer)

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Sep 18, 2021
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Hollywood Casino $100

Paulson Fantasy chips. Catch and release.

5 barrels available. Free shipping and a special price if you buy the rack. Post your DIBs with number of chips you want. I'll follow up with a PM.

They weigh in at over 11 grams each!
These are in excellent condition. Not 100% pristine mint, but damn close. They are sharp, and stack like bricks. I don't know if these are leaded, but with their weight, it sure feels like they are. I weighed a stack of ten, see pic below.
These are the same colors as Paulson Presidents / Cars / Scandia series (see other pic below).
What is different is that it looks like there is a "security dot" in the eagle (microprint dot below the beak).

Please reply with any other questions, requests for additional pics or send a PM. I usually respond in 1 day or less.

$3 per chip sold in barrels. Shipping not included.
USA Shipping only. Shipping prices: $6 for 1 barrel, or $10 shipping for 2 to 4 barrels.
I accept PPFF, PPGS (you include the fee), Zelle, and USDC crypto.
Shipping is done in batches about once a week. So you may have to wait up to a week before I get you tracking info. But I will make an effort to get your chips to you as soon as work and family permit.

Buy a rack - $275 and free shipping with tracking in USA only.



Single Chip weight average: 11.121 grams


Same exact color as Paulson Cars / Presidents. Paulson cars not included in this sale, pic for example only.

All pics courtesy of @Carnth
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$3 per chip, plus shipping per barrel.

Or $275, shipped for the rack!
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